3 Ways To Super Charge Your Social Networking

The Internet can be a serious challenge to the spiritual practice of mindfulness. Living in the now or the moment, uplifts our relationships and is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and our family. How can you be present when you’re mindlessly surfing the Internet?

As with anything else, it’s discipline and consistency that will get you where you want to go.. and that’s the name of the game with LinkedIn as well.

Do you go where your people are? Do you know what they are thinking, what they are planning, and where their “pain points” are? If not, spend a little time online where your clients are.

Ski Resort Jobs: If you like the snow, there is no better job than working on the slopes. From a ski instructor to a coffee server, working in the resorts is a great way to combine skiing/snowboarding while still being able to afford to go out and enjoy yourself.

Tell your friends about the people you are trying to promote. Use social media to promote others. Make an introduction on Jeff Machin. Make comments on their blog, website, or Facebook page to generate buzz on what they are doing. At the very least, share in their happiness with a positive comment.

linkedin profiles Specific phone skills training is effective. When we record, score and coach employees on phone sales skills those employees show measurable improvement 85% to 90% of the time. The vast majority of them cross that 80% scoring threshold we talked about before. (Remember, three times more sales if they cross 80%). But to achieve those results the training must be ongoing, and it has to be accompanied by recording and scoring.

Businesses are cutting back by not attending or postponing trade shows and conferences. This drastically impacts the goals of a sales team who may normally rely on these events to fill their pipeline, earn commissions, thus feeding their family & paying their mortgage. Seeing a company make this decision, and then seeing same company has no presence on LinkedIn literally saddens me. When used to its fullest, proactively, and with proper etiquette, you will see your pipeline grow and sales soar. As a side bonus, your cold calling can head to the grave. Even those cold calling for 20 years tell me it is still the most dreaded part of their day.

Dedication is as important as trust when you hire a criminal lawyer. You shouldn’t hire a lawyer who cannot dedicate his time to your case. Besides, it is very important that the lawyer you are hiring handles the case himself. Don’t hire someone who will pass it on to a subordinate or a law clerk as this shows his lack of dedication towards your case.

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